Alkaline Chia Pudding

raw. vegan. actually healthy

Alkaline Chia Pudding

An epic crowd pleaser in the Z house, this chia pudding. Isanely easy, throw all, overnight situation. Ya’ll I can’t even hear your excuses right now because WHAT?! Something ridiculously healthy for us we can just let sit in the fridge and it’ll just make itself? YES!

What makes it Alkaline?

In a nutshell. Your choices. Milk choice, toppings, sweeteners, etc.

If you’d like to reap ALL the wonderful benefits of this easy Chia Pudding Recipe—do your summer bod a favor and keep the acidity in this treat as low as possible. Choose Walnut Milk over regular milks and other nut milks. Maple syrup over sugar or agave. SO many possibilities, but the choice is yours!

Why Alkaline?

Alkaline, natural (non hybridized) foods help control the acid level in the body. Protecting against harmful mucus buildup that compromises our organs leading to the development of diseases.

Alkaline Chia Pudding
Alkaline Chia Pudding

Alkaline Chia Pudding Recipe:

mucus reducing, raw, vegan—Dr. Sebi Approved


  • 6tbsp Chia Seeds

  • 2 cups homemade Walnut Milk

  • 1 tbsp Maple Syrup

  • Organic Burro Bananas, tahini, ceylon cinnamon topping (optional)


  1. In a medium bowl or large mason jar combine your chia, syrup & milk

  2. Continuously stir until thick for immediate serving OR

  3. Thoroughly stir, cover and place in fridge overnight for next day breakfast

  4. Enjoy!

Alkaline Chia Pudding Recipe