Alkaline Electric Walnut Milk Recipe


Our family has been on the #AlkalineJourney (from vegan) since January 2019 and it’s a beautiful thing to be able to say that was the last time our daughters have been ill. No runny noses. No colds, our family has been mucus-less and it feels AMAZING!

An alkaline lifestyle is one of non-hybrid alkalizing plant foods. These natural (non hybridized) foods help control the acid level in the body, protecting against harmful mucus buildup that compromises our organs leading to the development of diseases.

Our greatly children are knowledgable in what we teach them. They wear the clothes we provide for them, play with the toys they are given and consume the food they are fed. I’m not sure it gets any easier than those statements my friends. The transition to Alkaline foods was a simple one for our family because we speak truth with our children. We include them and educate them as we educate ourselves on all things health and wellness! Not just “this is what we’re doing, because we said so”. It’s extremely difficult to be able to rely on the school systems to teach true health and what that actually means. We’ve got a GREAT job here as mothers and fathers—I’m sure we’re well aware and I’m so glad you’re here to explore more health conscious recipes!

This recipe (along with this lifestyle) is one of simplicity. Minimal. Easy.

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the facts:

Alkaline Electric Walnut Milk

Alkaline Electric Walnut Milk Recipe

Mucus reducing, raw, vegan, Dr. Sebi approved.


  • 1 cup Organic Walnuts

  • 2 cups Distilled Water

  • 2-4 Organic Dates (medjool or regular)

  • dash Vanilla (optional)

  • dash Maple Syrup (Alkaline sweetener of choice)


  1. Measure & combine all ingredients in blender of choice (we use our Nutribullet)

  2. Strain/squeeze using cheesecloth or milk bag


Our familay has been enjoying our Walnut milk WITH  it’s pulp lately. Why? We like to live as sustainable as possible, while using our milks mostly for our chia puddings. Its a nice texture and added fiber to our breakfasts. Otherwise, we enjoy saving the nut/seed pulps we milk for other simple yummy recipes like Alkaline Walnut Cheese, muffins or any other baked treats! 

Alkaline Walnut Milk Recipe
Walnut Milk Recipe