Tara | Motherhood Minis

Natural. Authentic. Real Captures

Mothering holds such a special place in my heart and truly fills me with immense joy to capture. I get to freeze these sentimental moments for these beautiful mamas to reminisce over forever ya’ll! So much more than a job, a lot of heartwork to raise a mindful human.

Pulling at my heartstrings are Tara and her two adorable sons; Landon and Jenson. It’s been such a gift to watch some of my closest friends becoming mothers alongside myself. I couldn’t have asked for a better mama circle!  

I feel and know first hand what it’s like to see our sweet babes grow literally in like the blink of an eye, it’s wild! We’re told countless times to cherish these days for they are so fleeting. Goodness are they. I put myself in mothermode while capturing each and every sweetly exchanged moment of love because I know that’s exactly what I would want out of some captures of me and my sweet baby girls. 

Tara and her boys ran around the pastures admiring each spring baby claf and picking our sweet wild blackberries that line the lakes on the property as the sun went down for the evening. The breeziest of evenings with these three cuties and I’m so stinking happy to watch your family grow! Capturing all your motherly milestones is something I’ll also always treasure. Happy Mother’s Day mamas! 

Melanie Zentmeyer