Meika + Steven | Clermont, Florida

Instagram is the real MVP for sending me such a sweet friend in Meika. She messaged me and after a few kind exchanged words, we totally hit it off talking about life, the past, present and everything in between. I instantly had a connection with Meika because she reminded me SO much of myself in my early 20's. EEK, did I really just say my "early 20's" what am I like 40? Ew. Anywho!

I was so excited for her when she and Steven got engaged, I couldn't wait to capture their adorable love story and to hear all about how it began. Being classmates in high school, they always kept a wonderful friendship. One epic concert and some much anticipated flirting later, and the rest is history. There's something to be said about watching them laugh, play and kiss one another. It's like all those years as friends help build this amazing platform they're standing on. They're on top of their own perfect little world and its SO beautiful to witness. 

Let me tell you how AMAZING it is to watch those sparks, to see and capture it for memories that will last lifetimes for them and their family. Don't even get me started about their future family because I'll just cry. 

We started our session ripping around in the golf cart, my musical boo-thang Justin Timberlake playing loud as ever & I just knew Meika and I would be real life bff's, loving the same jams and I couldn't help but notice Steven wanting to hold on for dear life as I drove us fast and furious around the pasture while we sang our little hearts out. I'm pretty happy about that being our first meeting and I laugh every time I think about it. 

When couples come to our property, I always like to keep an open mind with a small game plan. Why? Because my work and creativity is fueled by spontaneity. I love seeing the way the light plays with the field, the different types of trees and feeling inspired to head to specific areas and shoot there. It's all in the adventure for me and bringing your love story along for the ride! That's exactly what we did, we just drove around and spotted beautiful areas together and it was such a blast! Meika + Steven were so easy to capture, they wear their love for one another out on their sleeves and it didn't take much on my part to light their already steamy fire! 

After another unforgettable Florida Sunset, we ended our session riding by the still lake, water glistening under the golden sun and it was just TOO dreamy to drive on. These two were such a dream when I asked if they wanted to hop in and splash around. Without any hesitation, they said "Lets do it!!" and I'm SO happy they did! I found some forever friends in these two young lovers and I can't wait to see the next step of their journey as they've decided to invite me along for their nuptials. WAY too excited you guys!