Livey Jean Turns t w o !

We all hear and and feel it and I’m still just in awe of where the time goes. Josh and I have set ourselves on the greatest of journeys to be as present as possible for our babies in this season of their lives and although it has challenged us in more ways than I can count, the abundant gifts that have come from the change has been unmeasurable. Our sweet Livey Jean baby, my forever baby as I like to call her. There are moments where I catch a glimpse of her growth and am taken back by how big she truly is getting and other days I’m soaking up every bit of the baby-ness that still lingers in her snuggly, thumb sucking ways.

The usual thumb sucking remarks and conversations arise in public but truly, my style of mothering as you all may come to recognize is that of simple and laid back. We speak to our children and give them the knowledge and tools they’ll need to make some great choices even at this age. See how we helped our first rid of using a pacifier overnight, never to ask for it again here! [Insert Pacifier blog post] Sure a thumb is a little different than a paci, but this season will pass for her and I’m sure it’ll be a great transition! Any tips out there for me?

With a cake table adorned in our favorite photo prints, we spent the rising celebrating our sweet Jean’s second solar return at our local picking patch; Lake Catherine Blueberries with our family and some friends and although the berries weren’t quite ready yet, theres a sweet playground for the children to run around and enjoy the day! At times I wonder if our sweet baby gets overshadowed by the events that come with having an older sibling but she was and felt ever so celebrated and this mother heart of mine is so incredibly full. A wonderful day filled with joy for our Livey girl and all the growth she’s made these past two years. We laughed and danced and ate some insanely yummy cake! You’ll continue to grow and move mountains my dear, I can’t wait to watch in amazement.

Did someone say cake? Find my scrumptious VEGAN, free-of-all-things just plain GOOD cake recipe here

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