Hey there friends, I'm Melanie!

Most days you can find me chasing my sweet little girls around the farm, listening to Jack Johnson while cooking up some killer meals (*toots own horn* I'm pretty stellar in the kitchen) and if there's a neat little thrift store, you better believe I'm stopping in and buying all of their vintage baskets. Legit basket case over here you guys.

I'm a HUGE adventurer. You may have noticed by now that I love nature, the open air fuels me, never wearing shoes and being grounded with this beautiful earth has always felt like home. Sharing my family's journey and how we adventure and explore the pastures around us through photography has always been my greatest passion.

My Approach


I am a photographer most passionate about capturing moments and natural, raw emotion. I won't take you back to the prom poses or those awkward yearbook photos where Billy Bob camera guy made you knuckle your chin and grin for the LONGEST 2 MINUTES of your adolescent life! The dream has always been to invite people to wander along with me as I capture their seasons of this beautiful life. I want to capture your little quirks and whatever it is that makes you light up and maybe even laugh so hard you snort that snort only your family has heard. Lets all dance together under some amazing sunsets and run so fast we'll probably fall a time or two. Okay that'll be me, I've taken some good tumbles but nothing YouTube worthy guys.

I want to get to know you as a friend and give you an experience to remember. It's not just about the photos for me, It's about you, letting me into your timeless story and trusting me to capture it in my own special way. I'm a photographer for the adventurous, the wild and untamed souls that don't mind getting a little messy and possibly wet or sweaty (Florida is H O T ya'll) And as your newest bestie, I'll be right by your side digging my feet in the dirt for THE shot that'll tell your epic story. 

Feel like we're BFFs yet?

Introduce yourself and tell me about this special season of your life you just CANT WAIT to be captured!